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How does PBR work?
PBR is the process of using a route map to specify an attribute other than the destination and then define the path out of the router based on those conditions. Once parameters like these are established, the data packets get routed accordingly. This empowers you to increase the agility of the network.The Policy-Based Routing feature is a process whereby a device puts packets through a route map before routing the packets. The route map determines which packets are routed next to which device. Policy-based routing is a more flexible mechanism for routing packets than destination routing.Policy-based routing (PBR) is a technique that forwards and routes data packets based on policies or filters.

What is policy based routing in BGP : BGP uses Policy-Based Routing because it allows network administrators to control how traffic flows between different autonomous systems. BGP does not use metrics like other routing protocols but relies on attributes and policies to determine the best path for each destination.

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The ACLs classify the traffic and the route maps that match on the ACLs set routing attributes for the traffic. A PBR policy specifies the routing attributes for traffic that matches the policy. Using standard ACLs with route maps in PBR, an IP packet is routed based on their source IP address.

PBR is L3 traffic steering, whereas PBF is L2 traffic steering. For ordinary routing, the destination IP address is looked up in the routing table; for ordinary forwarding in a VPLS, the destination MAC address is looked up in the forwarding database (FDB).

How does Cisco PBR work

All packets received on an interface with PBR enabled are passed through enhanced packet filters known as route maps. The route maps used by PBR dictate the policy, determining to where the packets are forwarded. normal forwarding channels and destination-based routing is performed.If routing policies are configured, the device searches the routing table based on the destination addresses of packets to forward the packets. If policy-based routing is configured, the device forwards packets based on policies.This is PBR calling the route-map to apply the policy. Route-maps are used in BGP peerings to assign routing policies, distribute lists, and for PBR. Route-maps are the mechanism that identifies the traffic and contains instructions, PBR, Distribute lists, etc., are the platforms that make use of Route-maps.

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Because it's smaller and weaker than the PCL, the ACL is more likely to sustain a complete tear. When this occurs, there may be an audible "pop" at the moment the ligament ruptures.Policy-based routing (PBR) is the process of altering a packet's path based on criteria other than the destination address.

How do you apply PBR to an interface : PBR on Cisco router can configure using following steps:

  1. Step1: Configure ACLs. Permit statement in ACL is what will be matched.
  2. Step2: Configure route map instances.
  3. Step3: Configure match commands.
  4. Step4: Configure set commands.
  5. Step5: Configure PBR on the interface.
  6. Step6: (Optional) Configure local PBR.